Trump Republican for State House

Carlisa Rogers is a tough, tenacious leader.

Carlisa puts AMERICA FIRST.

Why I’m Running
“I’m running for state House in District 13 because I am concerned for our freedom and that of our children.”

– Carlisa Rogers

Trump Republican – American Patriot – Wife & Mom – Small Business Champion

Meet Carlisa

Carlisa Rogers is an American Patriot.

Carlisa is not afraid to fight for our God-given rights, and she’ll always back President Trump.

Trump Republican For Our America First Values

Carlisa’s parents – both small business owners – taught her Biblical and conservative values from a young age. A lifelong resident of Muskogee County, she will fight to preserve our values and traditions from radical leftist policies and federal government intrusion. 

Wife & Mom Fighting For a Better Future

Married to Scott, her husband of more than 27 years, Carlisa is mom to three children: Madelyn, 19, and twins Cole and Erin, 17. She is a Christian, former school teacher, licensed nursing home administrator, homeschool mom, fourth-generation Oklahoman and lifelong conservative. 

Small Business Champion Against Mandates

Over the past 27 years, Carlisa has been active in various capacities – from the business office to administrator – within her husband’s nursing home and medical supply businesses. She understands how government regulation can stifle small business and will do her best to fight government overreach.



A Note from Carlisa

“You may think the radical left’s agenda is not something to be concerned about here in Oklahoma, but it is permeating our culture at alarming speed. These ideas weaken our values and families. We need to expose and push back against this agenda in our schools and in our culture. Parents should be able to choose how and where we educate our children as well as what they are being taught.  We need to know our children are protected from leftist ideology in our public schools. Our children go to school to be educated, not indoctrinated. In higher education, our colleges are turning out activists instead of professionals. This affects our families, our way of life and our economy. Our businesses require skilled employees, not radicals, in order to grow and prosper our state financially.

When voting on any issue, my first consideration is whether or not something is Biblical, then constitutional, and then whether it is beneficial for families and taxpayers. As a mom, I want our state to be one where our children will have economic opportunities and want to stay and raise their families.

It would be an honor to represent my fellow concerned Oklahomans at the State Capitol. I would appreciate your vote on June 28, 2022.”

–Carlisa Rogers


Carlisa Rogers is a tough, tenacious leader

Carlisa puts AMERICA FIRST.

  • She is unapologetically pro-life and will always vote for the rights of the unborn
  • She pledges to protect women – biological men should not compete in women’s sports or use women’s restrooms
  • She is a firm defender of our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights
  • She supports a free market
  • She is a believer in individual rights, freedom and responsibility
  • She is passionate about medical freedom – everyone should be able to choose if it is in their best interest to take a vaccine or wear a mask without it affecting their ability to provide for their family or attend school
  • She supports all measures to ensure the integrity of our elections
  • She is a patriot who will defend our God given rights upheld by our Constitution
  • She is a Trump supporter who worked with her husband, Scott, on the Election Integrity Project in Las Vegas, NV in November 2020 in the days following the election

Trump Republican for State House

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